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About us

,, Dancers Recruitment – the agency that will provide the best option for each dancer. The company was established in order to prove that both the dancer’s profession can be lucrative.

Every dancer dreams about career highs, great clubs, the opportunity to earn well, excel, and good working conditions. Generally, however, this idea is and remains only an idea and a dream, whereas considerable time and effort to make sure that the site is safe and reliable. We can make your ideas a reality, because, Dancers Recruitment Agency for the work already done for you. Our company has selected decidedly high-end nightclubs scattered around Europe, and we are sure that the future of our club list only increase. Each dance lover can pick not only for myself liking the club, but his dream country or city, which will now be within reach.

Do you want to spend the most memorable years of your life, working his dream job, and experience an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime, or maybe just work on your favorite job, traveling to the most beautiful corners of Europe? Agency, Recruitment Dancers “will help each dancer to do so.

We care about each of our dancers and promise him an excellent job, a good and timely payment of wages, accommodation, all social guarantees and certainly invaluable experience in the best nightclubs.


,, Dancers Recruitment we believe that together we will achieve our goals.