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It is always nice to see a new gorgeous girls in DR Agency team!

Fill out as much information about yourself, and we will contact you within 12 hours.
Since you are applying to the position of dancer or image girl, your attached photos should meet the following requirements:


♦ all photos must be taken recently and they must show your current look;
♦ photos should not be corrected by Photoshop program;
♦ please do not send photos with friends and photos where you are with glasses;
♦ please do not send bad quality photos;
♦ it is desirable, that you would be with make-up, beautiful outfit or swimsuit in your photos;
♦ please add at least three images – two full-length and one profile.

IMPORTANT! Any form of data and images are confidential and remain only in DR Agency’s disposal.
ATTENTION! If you are a citizen of a country which is not a member of European Union, you need a visa to work in Europe. We kindly ask you to add a visa copy you have.

Yes, i would
No, thank you
Max file size is 3 MB.
Max file size is 3 MB.
Max file size is 3 MB.
Max file size is 3 MB.