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Working hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 21:00 – 06:00
Job type:
Stage shows are performed in the club (the duration of one stage performance lasts 2 songs, the full nudity is shown at the end of the second song). The dancer fulfills 2 – 6 stage shows during the work evening.
Earnings of one working evening is counted from €32 (250 DKK) to €65 (500 DKK). Earnings depend on work results, i.e. if the dancer earns more than €805 (6.000 DKK) from drinks and private dances during five working evenings, then the earnings of one working evening are €65 (500 DKK).
If the dancer earns less than €805 (6.000 DKK) from drinks and private dances, then the earnings for one working evening make €32 (250 DKK).
Earnings of performances:
Private dance (1 song) – €20
Private dance (2 songs) – €33
Private dance (3 songs) – €45
Private dance V.I.P. – €65 + 15 % from drinks
Private dance V.I.P. (2 girls) – €65 each dancer + 15 % from drinks (half and half)
During shows all tips are shared with the club 50/50.
Earnings from ordered drinks:
Earnings from ordered drinks make 15-20% of drink price. 15% commissions are received when the price of the bottle is up to €1.335, 17% are received when the bottle of drink costs up to €9335 and 20% are received if the bottle costs more than €9335. The price of champagne’s bottle ranges from €235 to €18.000.
All the performers are accommodated in 3 star hotel (microwave oven and refrigerator are included additionally), located in city centre (5 minutes on foot from club). One day costs €23.
Travel expenses:
All the travel expenses are paid by the dancer.
Performer’s appearance and outfit:
During shows it is necessary to dress up in short or long elegant dresses, high heels and accessories. The dancer should look attractively and tidily – beautiful hair, done manicure, even tan.
Contract duration:
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks, with the possibility to extend it.
Additional club conditions:
In the Kingdom of Denmark stands national taxation on all income. The performer must pay 12% of her income to the state. If the salary is more than 50.000 DKK (~ €6.718 ), 45% of tax is paid.
In these conditions all the prices and earnings are indicated in Euros according to present exchange rate €1 is 7,4426 DKK.

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