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Working hours:
Monday – Friday 20:00-05:00
Thursday – Saturday 20:00 – 08:00
Job type:
The dancer performs stage shows during the work evening.
The duration of one stage performance lasts 2 songs and the full nudity is made at the end of the second song.
Fixed salary for one working evening paid is €50. During stage shows dancer collects “Dollar tips” from customers. From one “Dollar tips” dancer gets €0.50
Earnings of dances:
Private dance (10 minutes) – €50. The performer gets €25 for private dance.
Earnings from drinks:
Performer receives 30% of the beverage sold in a club.
Performer’s appearance and dress code:
The dancer’s hair must be neat and tidy, evening make up and even tan are also required. The outfit has to be nice and stylish: evening or cocktail dresses, sexy costumes and underwear.
The club provides performers with apartments with all the facilities (wireless internet, home appliances). Rental price is €10 per 1 day. Dancers must pay a deposit of €150 which is returned at the end of the contract.
Travel expenses:
The travel expenses are paid by the dancer.
Contract duration:
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks.
Additional information:
Club is strictly intolerant of intimate communication, private meetings with clients, use of psychotropic substances.
A certificate of individual activity is required in order to work in this club.

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