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Italy (Marche-1)

Very large and modern club of the Italian Marche region. Girls are accommodated in the apartments near the Adriatic Sea. What could be better – profitable job and rest by the sea!




Job type:

Image girl communicates pleasantly and nicely with club clients, dances with them.

The image girl receives a fixed salary from €70 to €100 for one working evening, which depends on how she is working. Fixed salary is paid daily.

Dress code:
The image girl should look elegant, smarten up in a long/short dresses, accessories and be able to communicate freely with club clients, be funny and communicative.

Transport and accommodation:
Image girls must pay their travel expenses themself. The club offers apartments with all the facilities in the centre of the city, close to the sea. The rental price is €25 per week. Two-three girls share one room.


Club program:

22:00-04:00 Sundays-Thursdays, 
22:00-05:00 Fridays-Saturdays.
The girl works minimum six working days.


Duration of contract:
Minimum duration of the contract is one month.


Minimum age 18 years,

A minimum of English,
Good communication skills


Passport or Identity Card (ID).


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