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France (Paris-2)

This club is for girls who love attractions, the environment of different people and crazy life. The club is located in the heart of Paris, surrounded by hotels and restaurants.




The performances on the stage:

The dancer performs 3-5 topless performances on the stage. The duration of one performance on the stage is 3 songs. The dancers can select the music they want to dance to. The club even gives bonus for individually prepared stage performance.

Commissions from dances:
The club applies ticket system: for 1 ticket a dancer gets €11;
One dance topless in the general club’s area – 1 ticket (one song);
A private dance (getting fully naked) – 2 tickets (two songs);
20 minute long private VIP dance (getting fully naked) – 10 tickets;
The club does not pay the dancer for the drinks consumed.
The earnings is paid to the dancer at the end of the contract to the personal bank account specified by the dancer.

Transport and accommodation:
Dancers must pay their travel expenses themself. The club offers the dancers a fully furnished apartments near the club, in the centre of Paris. The rental price for one day is €20 (or 2 club‘s tickets) for one person.

Dress code:
A following dress code exists in the club: on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays – long dresses of any color are required; on Wednesdays – black lingerie and black pantyhose; on Fridays – underwear of any color; on Saturdays – long white dresses and white underwear. Accessories and high heels are always necessary for a dancer.


Club program:

22:00 – 06:00 Mondays-Sundays (The dancers’ schedule is made every week and they have to work on it, the dancer works five working evenings per week).


Duration of contract:
The minimum duration of the contract – two weeks or 1 month.


Minimum age 18 years,

A minimum of English,
Good communication skills


Passport or Identity Card (ID).


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