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Norway (Oslo-2)

The club, located in the center of the Norwegian capital of Oslo is famous for its excellent reputation. Popular not only among the club’s customers, but also between agency’s dancers who returns to the club more than once.




The performances on the stage:

The performances on the stage are made every 10 minutes. A dancer performs 6-9 performances during her working evening. The duration of one performance is 2 songs. 1st song – with clothes, while the 2nd –topless and getting fully naked when remains 15-20 s to the end.

The guaranteed earnings of one working evening is 400 NOK. The guaranteed earnings means that in case a dancer earns during 10 days less than 4000 NOK (400×10=4000) from dances and drinks due to small number of clients the club pays her the difference. If a dancer earns during 10 days more than 400 NOK during the evening, this amount of money remains to her.
Personally given tips 100 % remain to a dancer.
The earnings is paid at the end of a contract to the dancer‘s personal bank account.

Commissions from dances and for drinks:
Private dance (getting fully naked; 10 min) costs 1000 NOK for a client; a dancer receives 30%.
Table dance (getting fully naked, 10 min) costs 500 NOK for a client; a dancer gets 40%.
Non-alcoholic „Lady drink“ costs 250 NOK for a client; a dancer gets 30 % (75 NOK).
A bottle of wine costs from 500 NOK for a client; a bottle of champagne costs from 2400 NOK; a dancer reveives 20% from the price of these drinks.

Dress code:
The dancer should look attractive, wearing long dresses and high heels. Nice manicure, pedicure and beautiful hair.

Transport and accommodation:
Dancers must pay their travel expenses themself. The club offers the dancers free of charge apartments near the club. One room is shared by 2-3 dancers. Dancers are driven to the club and brought back  every day.


Club program:

21:00-03:30 Monday-Sunday.
The dancer works six evenings per week.


Duration of contract:
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks.


Minimum age 18 years,
A minimum of English,
Good communication skills


Passport or Identity Card (ID).


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