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Working hours:
Monday – Sunday 22:00-06:00
“Champagne girl” works minimum 5-6 work evenings per week.
Job type:
“Champagne girl” during entire work evening dance 4 times stage performances dressed in elegant dresses without stripping or taking clothes off. During remaining time “Champagne girl” pleasantly communicates with clients in the main area of club.
A fixed daily salary of €60 is paid for one work evening at the end of the contract.
Earnings from drinks:
“Champagne girl” gets 20% of sold drinks. Drinks prices ranges from €300 to €4000. The payment for drinks is paid at the end of every work evening.
Requirements for the girls:
The “Champagne girl” should look attractively and elegant, long or short dresses, accessories and be able to communicate freely with club clients, be nice and communicative.
Club provides apartments for “Champagne girl” with free of charge.
Travel expenses:
All the travel expenses are paid by the “Champagne girl”.
Contract duration:
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks, with a possibility of extension.
Important information:
If necessary, “Champagne girl” is provided with credit to cover subsistence needs and necessary expenses. Strip, topless and private dances are not performed in this club.
The main requirements choosing “Champagne girl”: height must be 165–175 cm, weight 48–56 kg and English language is required, French language is a big advantage. This club is brand new and located in the centre of Luxemburg.

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