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Working hours:
Monday-Sunday 20:00 – 03:30
Performer incessantly works five days during club’s working days.
Job type:
The dancer fulfills 7-9 stage shows during working evening. The duration of one performance is 2 songs. The first song is performed with a dress, the second in topless, with complete nudity at the end of the song.
The minimum salary of working evening guaranteed by club is 600 NOK (~€70).
Earnings for dances:
Private dance (10 minutes) is 300 NOK (~€35).
Earnings from drinks: performer gets 20-25% commissions of sold beverage price. The bottle of sparkling wine is priced from 600 NOK (~€70), the bottle price of champagne is up to 1.000 NOK – 15.000 NOK.
All the earnings for dances and drinks are paid at the end of contract into the performer’s selected bank account.
Performer’s appearance and outfit:
The dancer should look sexy and attractive, wearing long or short dresses. Nice manicure, pedicure, beautiful hair and even tan are also required.
Dancers are accommodated not far from a club for free in a house with all facilities (home appliances, wireless internet). 2-3 performers share one room.
Travel expenses:
If necessary, the travel expenses to one direction (your country – Norway) can be paid by the agency. These expenses are deducted later from performer’s salary. The club fully compensates the travel expenses back to your country.
Contract duration:
Minimum contract is 2 – 3 weeks.
Important information:
If necessary, the club can give a credit to cover subsistence needs and other necessary expenses.
Under Norwegian law, the club at the end of contract will have to deduct 15% tax of all the dancer’s earnings.
To communicate and meet with clients out of work hours is prohibited. If this rule is violated the club terminates the contract and dancer has to return to her own country within 2 days. In this case, travel expenses are not covered by the club.

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