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Tenerife Island

Working hours:
Monday-Sunday 23:00-04:00
Dancer works minimum 5 evenings per week.
Job type:
Dancer fulfills 1 – 2 topless stage shows during the work evening. The duration of one performance is one song. Dancer also gives private lap dances in full nudity during her working evening.
There is no fixed daily salary in the club. All incomes are from drinks and private dances only.
Earnings of performances:
Private dance (1 song) – €20
Private dance V.I.P. (30 min) – €120
Earnings for dances are shared with the club 50/50 (50% for dancer and 50% for club).
Earnings from drinks:
Dancer gets commissions from sold drinks. Beverages’ prices range from €10 for cocktail, €20 Eur for a glass of champagne and up to €500 for a bottle of champagne. Dancer gets 50/50 (50% for dancer and 50 % for club) commissions from sold drinks. Earnings from sold drinks and dances are paid at the end of each working evening.
Performer’s appearance and outfit:
Dancers should be dressed in sexy lingerie, bikini and stage costumes.
Club gives apartments near club (10 minutes). One night costs €10. Usually the room is accommodated with 2 girls. €50 deposit will be required, which is returned to the dancer at the end of the contract.
Travel expenses:
Dancers must pay their travel expenses themself.
Contract duration:
Minimum duration of the contract is one month.

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